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Tecademics Review

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Tecademics Review – Chris Record’s Internet Marketing College For Entrepreneurs

Read The Chris Record’s Tecademics Review and learn the truth. What is The Tecademics Internet Marketing College? Does it really work or is it a scam?

Product Name: TecAdemics

Author Name: Chris Record

Official Website: CLICK HERE

We want to be one of the very first to bring you the revolutionary Tecademics Internet Marketing College.

Created by the ‘Sun Falcon’ Chris Record, he and the Scottsdale, Arizona team plan to formulate a new model of entrepreneurial education that fast-tracks success leveraging the power of the internet and marketing e-learning.

In a nude-skinned nutshell, the Tecademics college plans to educate any and all who want to learn about internet marketing and online businesses. Here are a few outlines of what to expect in the highly-organized school:

  • Taught skill-sets that keep you ahead of the game and cover all basic and essential needs
  • Instructional System Design (ISD)-based teaching & sharing methods that enhance excitement & retention
  • Fully functional team, teaching staff and training program that streamlines your success

With a chief aim and ultimate goal of building internet marketing education programs that cater to everyone from entrepreneurs to employees, business owners and agency consulting instructors, Tecademics promises to be an educational and insightful sensory experience delivered from some of the industries best and brightest proven achievers who are all about paying it forward in the world of financial literacy.

Technology & Academics = TecAdemics

What is Tecademics? It is the new-age modern-day Internet Marketing College of technology and academics.

Simply put, it’s e-learning business development. Delivering expert-created training from elite entrepreneurs into the hands of anyone willing to jump into the IMC journey.

Tecademics looks at the industry of marketing in 3 major ways:

  1. traditional education (school education)
  2. educational conferences (seminars)
  3. free-sailing internet marketing (e-learning)

They want to be the first to bridge the gap and clear a path on how to merge and marry all of them into a masterful marketing message. With a collective pool of creative essence brainstroming, the Tecademics corporate team is passionately devoted into offering the best guidance on how to play the game the right way.

Here are the 4 ways in which TecAdemics wants to show you there is a better way:

  • Teaching Methods – Using personalized ISD to enhance teaching effectiveness is at the top of the list for students to retain information vita Livestreams, Assessments and College Weeks.
  • Campus Life – Attending College Week is the climatic peak that enables invaluable collaration of talented practitioners and skilled entrepreneurs to fuel results
  • Service Experience – The ultimate focus is on outcomes, using a multi-channel approach to delivering a better experience engages and empowers exceptional levels of service and support.
  • Curriculum – By constructing current, relevant and focused courses geared towards your knowledge base and business goals, they aim to set themselves apart of the crowd.

The genuine goal for TecAdemics seems to be a global resource for all things related to internet marketing education and entrepreneurialism. That would mean it is a good time to review the Internet Marketing College product line and see if they are worthy of your time, attention and money.

Tecademics Internet Marketing College Products

Tecademics e-learning university can be categorized into 3 major components:

TEC: The Entrepreneur Club

Every solid structure needs a starting point and base foundation. The Entrepreneur Club (TEC) gives you access to a private internet marketing forum for a small monthly fee. This is the community of entrepreneurs looking to sharpen their skills by accessing weekly education lessons and networking with like-minded marketers from all over the world.

The expert directed weekly trainings are specifically designed to keep methods current and knowledge immediately useful to utilize. You will have the openness to ask questions and get help from others going through the same challenges and opportunities to optimize and organize.

The TEC forum was fantastically formulated to get you involved with the innovative Tecademics economy to have tactical online collaborations between students, subject matter and TA trained instructors. The fresh and relevant weekly lessons will be an on-going effort to ensure you are up to speed and can continually keep pace with the movers and shakers of the industry.

One small example of what to expect inside the Tecademics TEC Forum is how everything is classified into specific categories such as choosing a Major Topic like eCommerce, then drilling it down into a specialization topic such as Amazon or going even further into Focus Topics such as Webstore or Shopify.

The Tecademics Entrepreneur Club is $100/month for complete access.

IMPACT: Internet Marketing Principles And Core Training

I.M.P.A.C.T. is designed to deliver the core principles and training of anyone interested in the process of becoming an internet marketer or improving their internet marketing abilities. It was formulated for the weird ones who are committed to creating a serious business career and full time profession out of it.

A definitive and decisive direction indeed, the TecAdemics IMC advanced eduational-learning lessons are a home study program that acts as a carefully crafted course taught by founder Chris Record.
He along with his TecAdemics team are subject matter specific experts and will be going over the ‘electronic encyclopedia of internet marketing fundamentals’ for you to learn, build and booster your bottom business line.

You can view all of the lessons anytime online and go at your own pace. There will be up to 10 years of relevant marketing lessons with a price tag valued at $2,000.

MASTERS TUITION: Week-Long Global Educational Program Events

As with any high profile university, college or school – there is always an obtainable Masters Tuition to strive for.

The TecAdemics Masters Tuition is the top shelf educational training that is assembled by proven internet marketing entrepreneurs and professionals who have mastered a specific craft or domain. They are successful practioners who have figured out loopholes and backdoors into producing the kind of results anyone living the digital lifestyle might like to know.

The best part?

It is a week long live event in Arizona.

A collaborative experience of entrepreneurs and marketers who go over highly-regarded and noted subject matters that are professionally prepared by trained instructors. These live educational conferences offer a public forum of face-to-face collaborations in addition to the online TEC Forum & IMPACT products.

The TecAdemics live classroom training and teaching will happen 3-4 times per year which will give everyone in attendance invaluable interactions with high-level thinkers and thought leaders.

All of the instructors will be recorded and have course workbook(s) for you to download and follow along with so you learn better and faster. As a TecAdemics Masters Tuition student, you will have 90 minute sessions for six hours daily that last for 5 straight days. Delivered year around for up to 30 hours of classes per week every quarter, this will allow you to strategically organize and optimize all of the incoming live college session information.

You will be assigned a Virtual Guidance Counselor from the Student Services team which will allow you to choose your desired Path, Major(s) and Training Courses. You can take up to 120 hours of classes per year and comes with the pretty price point of $10,000.

The Tecademics real-time collective measurement of student comprehension will dedicate and be driven by the way in which everyone learns and receives after attending the classes.

Internet Marketing College Affiliate Program

Tecademics is not network marketing company, it is 2-tier affiliate marketing program with leverage.